Welcome to the Pazo da Trave, a palace built by the ancient Galician and Asturian nobility more than five hundred years ago.  The palace is set in an exceptional spot of the coast of Lugo, an area known locally as theMariña de Lugo, three kilometres away from the estuary of the spectacular tidal inlet called ría de Viveiro, between beaches and mountains, in an enchanted valley surrounded by calmness, silence and ancestral houses.

The palace has 18 rooms , of which two are truly special rooms and a third with a large common area, similar to suites, and spacious common areas.  Its large garden is populated with traditional trees and the autochthonous vegetation of Galicia, which sway together around a well, a typical Galician granary (locally referred to as hórreo), a palm tree, a pigeon-house and a chapel, all surrounded by a small forest which is also part of the palace’s grounds.
also we offer our hotel premises: a dining room and a glass enclosed arbour, a sauna, a gym, a swimming pool, a lounge/reading room with a fireplace, conference rooms, balconies and galleries as well as several tables and benches scattered among the perennial green vegetation. An ideal setting for spending a few days alone or with your partner, relatives, a group of friends, holding meetings, incentive events, parties and celebrations.